Spinach Karakli

Spinach (3 1/2 cupsof chopped spinach)
tamarind paste (available at all Indian stores)
green chillies ( 1-2)
Ajwain seeds ( 1/4thteaspoon)
Garlic flakes ( 10-12)
Coconut ( one spoon..optional)

Boil Spinach with very little water, salt and tamarind and keep aside.

Roast Ajwain seeds along with green chillies.

Grind roasted Ajwain seeds, green chillies with Coconut and spinach.

Now on a pan bring the ground substance to a boil.

Finally season with mustard and garlic.

Karkali should not be watery, it should be thick in consistency. It can be eaten with rice or Chapaties.

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Divyashree Hegde - idlichutney@hotmail.com - Mountain View/CA/USA
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